Our Vision



vision 007 (WinCE)

We have been working together on our new school vision and here is the outcome…

vision 003 (WinCE)

At Cragside, we believe in children.

We encourage children to be independent learners with enquiring minds, so that they flourish in a safe and stimulating environment.

Cragside Children SHINE

vision 001 (WinCE)

Successful – We enable all Cragside pupils to achieve the very best that they can.
Happy – We ensure that all pupils are happy and contented in school.
Inspired – We endeavour to enthuse and inspire pupils in order to foster a deep love of learning.
Nurtured – We nurture and support all pupils and respect and cherish their individual talents.
Enriched – We seek to enrich and enhance pupil’s lives through their learning experiences.